Sunday, May 11, 2014

This little light of mine

Nothing has ever made me so proud as seeing the joy that your smile brings to those around you my sweet girl. Everyone who meets you is amazed that such a tiny person can smile so big, so often. You've been given the "happiest baby" title by family, friends, and strangers alike. Just today a woman spotted you from across a restaurant and stopped at our table to tell your dad and I what a beautiful, happy girl you are. I am in awe of you and marvel at how your five month old self has already touched the lives of so many, even if it is only in passing.

My wish for you is that you continue to live life joyfully and with the same excitement and wonder you do now. That our love for you and for each other nurtures your self-confidence and reassures you of your self-worth, so you can continue to shine your light on the world around you.



Tuesday, May 6, 2014

And then there were three

Your dad and I found out we were going to be parents on March 19, 2013. What started out as an ordinary Tuesday morning suddenly became one of the absolute best days of my life. I had been longing for that day, anticipating that wonderful point in time where I would know for certain I would be a mommy.

We spent the next nine months eagerly awaiting your arrival. We nicknamed you "Buddy." We talked constantly about you and to you. Fantasizing about what you would be like, who you would look like. We knew you would be special and so loved, but the little girl we imagined then doesn't hold a candle to the extraordinary baby we know now.


The second line was faint, but it was definitely there!

My favorite doctor appointments were the ones where we got to see you.

One of my favorite ultrasound pictures taken the day we found out you were a girl! You always seemed to have your arms and hands up around your face, so we coined the phrase "Buddy with your hands up!" and we would say that constantly when we looked at this picture on he refrigerator door.

Me and your Auntie Alaina at my baby shower. We were so excited that you and Beckett would be so close in age.

Enjoying a night out for Liz and Perry's wedding about 6 weeks before you were born.
Best. Day. Ever.

Friday, April 4, 2014

My dear sweet girl

Sweet Charlotte... In just a few short days you will be four months old! The time is moving too quickly and many of the days since you arrived are already a blur. I'm afraid of forgetting these moments, these amazing days where you grow and change every day.  So I'm writing them down. One day when you ask about the story of you, the story of our little family, I hope you will read these words and know just how incredibly special you are to us and how blessed we feel to have you in our lives. My dear sweet girl, you are our everything.